Duck Dog Kennels

Training Labrador Retrievers to Hunt

Our goal is to deliver a dog which you will be proud to own and one you will brag on as well as love!

We like to start dogs between 5-6 months of age and 2 years. The younger dogs learn quicker but have a shorter attention span. The older dogs usually have developed a few bad habits.

Training Programs
(Rates & Pricing)

  • OBEDIENCE: All dogs enter an Obedience Program upon arrival. This discipline includes but is not limited to SIT, HERE, STAY, HEEL and DOWN. This is mandatory for all dogs. Those that have these commands under their belts will graduate to the next process earlier. Obedience training usually takes a month to complete.

  • FORCE FETCHING: The next step in training, while somewhat complicated, teaches the dog to fetch on command, hold on command and deliver to heel among other attributes. Some dogs are quicker than others to graduate this skill set but this process usually takes another month to six weeks.

  • JUNIOR LEVEL:This is the 1st "hunting" that the dog will see. Ducks on single land and water retrieves with delivery to hand. Once graduated this dog can hunt. Expect 2-3 additional training months.
  • SENIOR LEVEL: This step includes Singles and Doubles with an increased distance and a higher degree of difficulty. With our remote throwers, we can accomplish short to long single, double and triple marks on land as well as in water. We work dogs in all types of different land and water scenarios - introduce live birds, dead ducks,12 gauge gun fire, diversions and includes 'honoring' another dog. They learn hand signals and blind retrieves. To get to this point, most dogs with adequate gray matter take another 3-4 months to become proficient.

  • MASTER/FINISHED LEVEL:Dogs entering this program must have a Senior Hunter title from AKC. They will become proficient at 200 yard triples / quad retrieves, 200-400 blinds, any scenario you would see in an AKC Master Hunt test. This graduate would be a machine and one deserving stud or breeding privileges. This training could take 6 months to a year.

Reservations are required and accepted on a 1st come basis.

We aim to be small in size and large in results with a one on one focus. We carry a limited number of dogs and use only humane and proven training procedures. Our program has delivered dogs which go on to become champions in their own right whether on the hunt test scene or the dove field. They are better dogs, better companions and certainly better hunting buddies.

Duck Dog Kennels is owned by Terry Marshall who has been training Labrador Retrievers for over 25 years. The staff is made up of hunters and dog lovers who own and work their own retrievers as well as participate in AKC Hunt Tests. The owner lives on the property ensuring total security for the dogs.

If you like what you have seen here, please go to our Reservations Page or call or email for additional information. Space is definitely limited.

Contact us for more information!


Terry Marshall
Cell: 903-574-4317

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Duck Dog Kennels
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P O Box 1102
Chandler, TX 75758

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